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Here you will find information about the summer's program, which offers performances, workshops and the Creative Workshop at Järntorget.

Participate in the artwork Matsuri by Karolina Oxelväg.

A walk for the future/På väg till framtiden

Filip Kijowski, 1994, Poland

In a performance work, Filip Kijowski shines a spotlight on heroes who break patterns and revitalize society.

In 1971, Vanja Södergren and her girlfriend wanted to announce their engagement in the newspaper, but the editor-in-chief refused to publish joy over homosexual love. In anger, Vanja took the initiative for Europe’s very first pride parade, right here in Örebro. The Gay Power Club was organized. Everyone has equal value, Homosex is human, the poster read. Vanja herself carried the message "Knowledge destroys prejudices".

Kijowski’s work takes inspiration from this ground-breaking demonstration. Vanja is given a central role. The queer community is invited to join. The choreography reinforces the conviction that words must be followed by action. A Walk for the Future will be performed at the OpenArt opening.

Date, time & place:

Saturday 15 June at 14:30

Starts at Järntorget – moving choreography via Storgatan towards Stortorget.

Carbon Capture Storage

Mattias Käll, 1977, Sweden

Our consumption generates large amounts of carbon dioxide, which is bound in organic materials through photosynthesis. In this performance, the artist carries a wooden cube that binds one day's carbon footprint from one person.

Date, time & place:

Saturday 15 June at 13:30 and 14.


El Rey gick ovan el Rainbow blev en vacker Rosa, festmåltid på Ekekas Mantel

Valeria Montti Colque, 1978, Sverige

El Rey gick ovan el Rainbow blev en vacker Rosa, festmåltid på Ekekas Mantel is an installation and performance artwork by Valeria Montti Colque, produced by Public Art Agency Sweden for OPENART. On 15 June, the audience can, as if in a ritual, be led by colourful characters in a procession from Örebro Castle to the statue of Karl XIV Johan – a place that is no longer quite itself. The king has been transformed into an Ekeka – a goddess created by the artist – who represents wealth and prosperity. The area is enveloped by a huge mantle adorned with a rainbow consisting of 13 colours. The inspiration for the work comes from a collective endeavour during the pandemic in which 500 traditional Mapuche weavers in Chile came together to create a one-kilometre-long weaving. Together with the audience, a sacred mountain of memories is constructed from objects and images that were submitted by Örebro residents during the spring. The mountain is placed onto a raft while participants, spectators and the birds that often frequent the statue of the king are treated to a festive meal.

Date, time & place:

Saturday 15 June at 13:30.

The parade starts at Örebro Castle and ends at Henry Allard Park.

In collaboration with Public Art Agency Sweden.


Nic Wilson & Hannah Godfrey

Nic Wilson will exhibit a performance work at OpenArt’s opening. Vessel is the ambiguous title that can mean ship, aircraft, container, artery, holder of a spiritual quality, and so much more. The act features two people. Through gestures, movements and narrated text, they explore various expressions of both Christian thought and queer people’s social interaction with society. The ways of doing this fluctuate between times and cultures. They can, the artist says, be skewed, invisible and simultaneously always present. Without being a believer himself, Nic Wilson has delved into the Christian worldview and its impact on culture. Vessel also touches on exchange and intimacy in the queer community. Nic Wilson and writer and artist Hannah Godfrey perform in Vessel.

Date, time & place:

Saturday 15 June at 15.45 in Nikolaikyrkan, Drottninggatan 16.

Via Dolorosa - Bidrag till Sveriges Konstkanon

Ellen Freed, 1988, Sverige

This work emerges as a dramatization, in which the artist walks the Way of Suffering. She drags an iron maiden with her, a horrific device of torture and execution in which the victim is enclosed in a body-shaped coffin full of iron spikes. Iron maidens have existed since the 18th century but were never actually used.

The martyrs here are culture and artists. Freed happened upon criticism on social media that OpenArt steals resources from other things. Culture is made into a scapegoat when welfare is dismantled. Freed has set the comments to music with choral arrangements. In a suit by Dean Karl Wellings, she walks from an industrial area, where OpenArt has offices, to the municipal service centre in the middle of the city.

Date, time & place:

Saturday 7 September. z

The performance starts at OpenArt's office premises at Stångjärnsgatan 6, at 13, approximate finish at Olof Palme square, at 14-14.30

The Creative Workshop

In OpenArt's Creative Workshop, we try to create like the artists in the exhibition and experiment with materials and expressions. The workshop is staffed during opening hours and children are welcome accompanied by an adult. A selection of the artworks created in the Creative Workshop is exhibited during the summer in the Children's Art Cube, which is located on Järntorget near the Creative Workshop. Between June 15 and June 29, the Culture School (Kulturskolan) exhibits in the cube.

Dates & opening hours:

June 15–August 18:

Monday–Friday at 12–16

Saturday–Sunday at 12–16

August 19–September 8:

Monday–Friday closed

Saturday–Sunday at 12–16


Järntorget, Örebro

Visitor information:

Drop-in. It is free to visit the Creative Workshop.


The premises are accessible.


At Järntorget you can participate in the artwork Matsuri by the artist Karolina Oxelväg. In OpenArt's Creative Workshop, we make our own lanterns that resemble fish and aquatic creatures for the cube, and the installation is changed every two weeks.

Artist theme in the Creative Workshop

On Wednesdays we have an artist theme in the Creative Workshop and every Wednesday we select a new artist to be inspired by from the exhibition. Here you can see which days we create according to which artists and tick your favourites.

Wednesday, June 18 – Yemisi Wilson: Create animals in clay

Wednesday 26 June – Benjamin Nørskov: Draw the EPA of your dreams

Wednesday 3 July – Spenser Little: Sculptures of steel wire

Wednesday July 10 – Mike Inglis & AniAra: Building a nest with birdhouses

Wednesday 17 July – Johanna Väisinen: Preserve your culture

Wednesday July 24 - Federico Lamas: Creating invisible drawings

Wednesday 31 July – Hanna Stansvik: Sculpting bodies in clay

Wednesday August 7 – Marie Munk: Make a fabric placenta

Wednesday 14 August – Stuart Ian Frost: Create with patterns on wood

Children's Art Cube

In the Children's Art Cube, we exhibit what was created in the OpenArt's Creative Workshop. If you want your works of art to be displayed in the Children's Art Cube, you can hand them in to the staff in our Creative's Workshop. Konstkuben changes exhibitions every two weeks. The cultural school inaugurates the Children's Art Cube During the exhibition's first two weeks, the students of the Culture School visit the Children's Art Cube and show parts of their spring exhibition. Take the opportunity to be inspired and create yourself in OpenArt's Creative Workshop, and you can also be part of the next exhibition in the Children's Art Cube.

Victoriia Tofan - Safe Place

Ukrainian artist Viktoriia Tofan is exploring safe places: Artist residency during OpenArt 2024

Can we still count on a place where we can feel safe in a time of war and conflict? And if so, is it a physical place with an exact location? Or perhaps it is an abstract concept? Perhaps a safe place is a person with whom we feel comfortable?

During my residency in Örebro I will attempt to answer some of these questions.

The relationship between the public space and society itself is very important and that will be a main topic of my research. During my stay, I will explore how the urban space is perceived by its inhabitants and whether public space can serve as a place of comfort and where a sense of community can be found. This project will be based on a concept of an individual city with safe places. I want to work with the residents of Örebro and explore how the landscape has changed over time and which places are important to them. Perhaps there are places that no longer exist and have disappeared from the city map but are still alive in the memory of its residents? Furthermore, I would like to explore what a “safe place” means to the people of Örebro and if they can identify any such places?

By extending the notion of a “safe place” to territoriality, private property and national borders, I want to find the answer to the question: Can we define the notion of a “safe place” as a part of the personal territory, a zone defined by invisible borders around our body?

The residency is held by OpenArt for the Creative Europe platform MagiC Carpets with funds from the EU.

The residency is between June 15–July 19.

Rainbow magic on Ekeka’s Mantel

Three creative workshops for the work El Rey gick ovan el Rainbow blev en vacker Rosa, festmåltid på Ekekas Mantel by Valeria Montti Colque.

Participate in one or more creative workshops with the artist Valeria Montti Colque where we will be weaving a rainbow and creating a magical space with textiles, sound, clay, food, plants, water, colours, masks and costumes.

During three creative workshop sessions, new parts and new stories are added to the work El Rey gick ovan el Rainbow blev en vacker Rosa, festmåltid på Ekekas Mantel. In each workshop, we explore playful themes with the characters such as The Cloud, The Rainbow and La Ekeka. Together, we will be using fantasy and imagination, and joining rituals, and the magic of creation, to transform the place and allow the artwork to grow. Join us as you are – become who you want to be!

The artist Valeria Montti Colque organizes the programme together with other artists, performers and musicians. The workshops are free of charge and take place outdoors in the middle of Örebro. We offer a fun and playful programme for all ages – children and their accompanying adults, young and old. Welcome!

Voices & Beats

Sunday 16 June, time: 1–3 pm
Järntorget (Bernadottestatue)

1–2 pm, Song Web/Song Circle: We weave our voices together, exploring the magical healing and unifying power of song, beyond language and background. A workshop with the musician and performance artist Ida Lod.

1–3 pm, Colour the World: Painting and collage workshop with artist Valeria Montti Colque. Have you ever thought about the colours of your emotions? And how beautiful, rich and generous the world is? Dive in and let the colours show you the way.

2–3 pm, Drums for Everyone: Drum workshop with musician David Heikkinen. Accessible drums are available to anyone who wants to join in the rhythm and together bring the place to life.

Rainbow & Fountain

Saturday 10 August, time: 12:30–3 pm.

Järntorget (Bernadottestatue)

12:30–3 pm, Weave Rainbow: Together with the textile artist and educator Sarai Alvarez Riveros, we weave a large rainbow in different fabrics, threads and colours. The inspiration for the rainbow comes from Ngüren 1km, a project in which around 500 Mapuche weavers in Wallmapu (ancestral territory that comprehends southern Chile and Argentina), got together to weave a 1 km long fabric of traditional cloth with the hope of breaking a world record. Ngüren means textile in mapuche language and the project was done by Foundation Chilka.

12:30–3 pm, Clay for our Fountain: In the middle of Ekekas Mantel stands a fountain populated with fantasy characters. Inspired by the fountain, we create new figures that can enrich the place and join the friends who already live there. A workshop with ceramicist, artist and educator Berenice Hernandez.

Ekeka´s Party! Hips don’t lie

Workshops and pop-up workshops Sunday 8 September, time: 1–4 pm.

Järntorget (Bernadottestatue)

1–4 pm, Cumbia Oldschool & Mix with DJ Real Raja Vampyra (Mariana Silva Varela) that will make you move your feet! We gather one last time at Ekeka´s Mantel to celebrate and dance to the beauty of the world.

2–3 pm, Talk&Picnic: Come and share food and ways to make food with the organisation Öva svenska och laga mat.

(Pop-up) Warm-up dance: The forbidden steps (los pasos prohibidos) with Carlos Martinez as El Flow-er.

(Pop-up) The Becoming: Transform into a character through a face painting and mask workshop with artist Rossana Mercado-Rojas.

(Pop-up) Take Care of a Flower: La Ekeka revisits Örebro to hand out flowers to the public and offer rainbow popcorn as a finale and farewell.

Read more about Valeria Montti Colques artwork here.

In collaboration with Public Art Agency Sweden.

Revealing world with Vote Hellish Vision!

Workshop with artist Federico Lamas.

Create with artist Federico Lamas who is exhibiting the artwork "Vote Hellish Vision!" During the workshop, you will have the opportunity to test the artist's exciting techniques with red lenses that make drawings in certain colors invisible. The workshop is in English.

Date, time & place

Sunday 16 June at 12–14

OpenArts Creative Workshop at Järntorget.

Read more about Federico Lamas artwork here.

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