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Nic Wilson, 1988, Canada

Photo: Sofie Isaksson

Nic Wilson will exhibit a performance work at OpenArt's opening. Vessel is the ambiguous title that can mean ship, aircraft, container, artery, holder of a spiritual quality, and so much more. The act features two people. Through gestures, movements and narrated text, they explore various expressions of both Christian thought and queer people’s social interaction with society. The ways of doing this fluctuate between times and cultures. They can, the artist says, be skewed, invisible and simultaneously always present.

Without being a believer himself, Nic Wilson has delved into the Christian worldview and its impact on culture. Vessel also touches on exchange and intimacy in the queer community. Nic Wilson and writer and artist Hannah Godfrey perform in Vessel.

Date, time & place:

Saturday 15 June at 15.45 in Nikolaikyrkan, Drottninggatan 16.

Artwork: Vessel

Artist: Nic Wilson

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Material: Performance

Location: In St. Nicolai Church, Drottninggatan 16

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