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Benoît Maubrey, 1952, USA, based in Germany

Photo: Sofie Isaksson

Benoît Maubrey uses loudspeakers in his art and calls his sculptures electroacoustic. The speakers become building blocks in the sculptures in the same way that other artists shape from clay or wood. The speakers’ ability to convey sound gives Maubrey’s artworks an extra dimension.

Liberator brings new sound to the city, and the artist invites us all to join in. Through the sculpture’s microphone, we can sing, play music, speak on the phone or be heard on social media. We can ring Liberator and say what we think. Everything then becomes available for everyone nearby. Liberated, it booms out from hundreds of speakers.

The public are invited to express themselves on the theme of Liberation (or anything else).

The artwork can be connected to during the exhibition's opening hours

  • Monday–Friday at 12–17
  • Saturday–Sunday at 12–16

You can participate via a number of ways

• by calling one of two telephone numbers and expressing yourselves
for 3 minutes:
+46 76-531 26 86 or +46 76-531 26 82

• via Bluetooth and individual Smartphones you can relay songs, music
and messages to the sculpture.

Bluetooth addresses:

  • Belkin Y94
  • Belkin J56
  • Belkin Z80
  • B3501

• via a direct line in (plug and play) you can connect your laptop, microphone and musical instrument directly to the sculpture and express yourselves live.

Artwork: Liberator

Artist: Benoît Maubrey

Number on the map: 6

Material: Old speakers and other electronics

Location: Henry Allard park

The artwork's position on the map

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