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Karolina Oxelväg, 1989, Sweden

Photo: Sofie Isaksson

The aquarium in the Järntorget square entices with sparkling colours and exciting creations. The artist calls it Matsuri, the Japanese word for lively festivals. Matsuri are celebrated profusely throughout the year in Japan. The tradition is ancient and the word has a philosophical connotation: welcoming the invisible to a place where they become visible. Humanity and compassion for our fellow human beings can flourish here. Matsuri can also offer resistance against evil.

The creatures in the aquarium were created together with children in workshops. More objects will be added through the summer’s creator workshop. The material is plastic. The conflict between a healthy aquarium and the plastic’s origin in black, climate-harmful carbon atoms comes at us like a bolt from the blue. Matsuri becomes a manifestation of responsibility.

Visit the Kid’s Workshop at Järntorget if you want to contribute with plastic creatures to the aquarium!

Artwork: Matsuri

Artist: Karolina Oxelväg

Number on the map: 2

Material: Recycled plastic, LED lights, exhibition stand

Location: Järntorget

The artwork's position on the map

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