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Aaron Nachtailer, 1986, Argentina, based in France

Photo: Sofie Isaksson

Human beings build their lives in interplay with the Earth’s resources. The artist reflects on how this relationship shifts over time. The first humans were hunter-gathers. Gradually, agriculture was developed. Over the past hundred years, exploitation has been reckless and short-sighted. Many now live far from nature, in big cities.

The white wall has a red door, an exit. We are invited to open it, to step out into the greenery and there to contemplate the balance between ourselves and the nature that we are so dependent on.

Aaron Nachtailer inspires us to think about the green in new ways. He wants to have a constructive dialogue about how nature can both contribute to societal development and also be an integral part of our culture.

Artwork: EXIT Wall

Artist: Aaron Nachtailer

Number on the map: 35

Material: Reclaimed wood panels and wood posts (various dimensions), screw, mesh, emergency exit door, paint

Location: By St. Nicolai Church/Kyrkogatan

The artwork's position on the map

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