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Mike Inglis, 1966, Scotland

Photo: Sofie Isaksson

A raft built from recycled materials floats aimlessly on the river. Just a few years ago, the COVID-19 pandemic affected everyone’s lives. What remnants from that time do we detect now, wonders Inglis. He sends his work away as a lost ark, loaded with feelings of sorrow, loss and hurt. Or is it – albeit in a fragile craft – the survivors’ resolute journey forward that we get an inkling of?

The artist wonders what happened to the welfare society that quickly emerged and then was hastily dismantled. Perhaps experiences from the pandemic can provide lessons for the future, personally and collectively in society. Mike Inglis invites us to talk about what type of landscape we now live in – and how it can be influenced.

Artwork: Drift

Artist: Mike Inglis

Number on the map: 17

Material: Recycled materials

Location: Svartån, at Strömpis

The artwork's position on the map

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