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Rebecka Bebben Andersson, 1984, Sweden

Photo: Sofie Isaksson

Here, in the market square among outdoor restaurants and a steady flow of passers-by, flags blow in the wind. “123” they repeat, visualizing a breathing exercise that can bring calm when anxiety strikes: Breathe in, hold, breathe out.

The artwork wants to offer a respite from the stressful urban environment. The people we meet often walk with their gazes fixed on the horizon. Everyone seems to know where they are going, but how is it for me? Do I know where I am headed? The work is a sign to take a breather. A pause in which we can find peace and reflect that others are surely hiding their inner selves behind a façade. The artist wants the work to help us handle the anxiety we get from the weather, the news, our consumer society, the stupid thing our friend did – or something else entirely.

Artwork: 123-123-123-123

Artist: Rebecka Bebben Andersson

Number on the map: 43

Material: Acrylic painting on polyester flag

Location: Stortorget

The artwork's position on the map

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