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Benjamin Nørskov, 1992, Sweden, based in Denmark

Photo: Sofie Isaksson

The EPA tractor brings freedom to rural teenagers. In a car, rebuilt and re-registered as a tractor, they can ride away, without being dependent on the care of adults.

EPA tractors provide three teenage years of friendship, longing, confusing emotions, huge speakers, long summers, and uncomfortable first kisses – stacked on four wheels on the way to adulthood at a top speed of 30 kilometres an hour, says the artist.

In his photographic work, Benjamin Norskøv depicts teenagers and their feelings, reflected in the colours, smells, and sounds of the EPA tractor. The EPA time is a way to test out adult life, without really being there. The artist was born in Sweden and moved at age nine to Denmark, where he took a degree in photojournalism.

Artwork: EPA Sverige

Artist: Benjamin Nørskov

Number on the map: 45

Material: Photo

Location: Kungsgatan

The artwork's position on the map

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