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Ekenger & Segerfelt

Agneta Segerfelt, 1957, Sweden

Helena Ekenger, 1961, Sweden

Photo: Sofie Isaksson

People began building their church using limestone from Närke back in the 1100s. Century after century, new generations have made their additions, renewed the architecture and brought in new artworks. Now the artist duo Ekenger & Segerfelt are taking their turn in the church. Here at the church wall, their works come together to form a thoughtful ensemble exploring spirit and body.

The almond-shaped centre calls up associations to symbols that are important to people in different cultures and religions. The fish was the secret sign between persecuted Christians and has been a feature in church interiors for millennia. The eye expresses the desire to see, enlighten and act, and it thereby opens a door to the soul. The womb provides the promise of life and can arouse a longing for intimate closeness.

Artwork: Diptych

Artist: Ekenger & Segerfelt

Number on the map: 31

Material: Concrete (sculpture) and painting on canvas

Location: In St Nicolai Church, Drottninggatan 16

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