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Susken Rosenthal, 1956, Germany

Photo: Sofie Isaksson

A large ball blocks the path. Could it be a ball of dung that a beetle has rolled through the city? Beetles are sensitive to light, but they can navigate in the moonlight, despite the city’s disturbing, artificial light.

The large ball has accumulated debris of various kinds: panels, pipes and other materials that were all once essential in previous years’ OpenArts. Perhaps you recognize something that sparks memories of beauty – or exasperation.

In her works, Susken Rosenthal likes to use geometric shapes and materials that she finds on site. She sees art as a reaction – or an addition – to the local environment. Ecological, historical, and social aspects are vital in the creation of her works.

Artwork: Dung Ball of Art

Artist: Susken Rosenthal

Number on the map: 40

Material: Recycled artworks

Location: The Culture Quarter, outside

The artwork's position on the map

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