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1978, Sweden

Photo: José Figueroa

Valeria Montti Colque is a Swedish-Chilean artist known for her unique image-universe. Moving freely through a variety of media, her large-scale installations take over and transform the spaces where they appear. They are often inhabited and activated in ritual-like performances by different characters, gods, and mythological figures created by the artist. Incorporating symbolic names from the Andean cosmovision and a mix of different languages, new tales are allowed to emerge opening up a space for forms of togetherness and belonging.

Collaboration is fundamental to Valeria's practice as other artists, family, friends, and often the public, become part of the creation of her artistic world. Drawing from her experiences as part of the Chilean and Latin American diaspora in Europe, this amalgamation serves as a powerful statement about the artist's multiple and mobile roots, and her longing to celebrate the richness of the world and its continuous transformation.



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