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Wang & Söderström

Anny Wang, 1990, Sweden, based in Denmark

Tim Söderström, 1988, Sweden, based in Denmark

Photo: Sofie Isaksson

This artist duo erects a portal as a symbol of the borderland between meeting in the same physical space and in the digital world.

Digital services are advancing at a rapid pace. Artificial intelligence, AI, is expected to provide answers to many questions. The duo asserts that communication via screens is everyday life for most, but not actually for all, people. The artists observe how physical touch decreases when digitalization increases. They highlight the value of us humans physically touching each other and ask us the following questions: How can we ensure that the tactile is not lost in the digital age? Can we use digital experiences to improve our physical world, instead of pushing us away from it?

Artwork: Hand in Hand

Artist: Wang & Söderström

Number on the map: 4

Material: Metal frame, metal hinged door. Relief/sculptures mounted on the grid: wood, UV-coated PLA (bio-based plastic), paint/varnish. Wooden door handle. AR (Augmented Reality) layer.

Location: Henry Allard park

The artwork's position on the map

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