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1977, Ethiopia

Svartvitt porträtt av en man som kollar rakt in i kameran

Tamrat Gezahegne likes to experiment with things he finds – objects that are used for living, surviving, and those that spark curiosity and surprise. He constantly changes their shape, purpose, and appearance, making it a repeated practice that symbolizes the ongoing nature of life in various forms.

Artists' studios are like portals that connect real and imaginary spaces, allowing for the exploration of new ways of thinking. These spaces provide a sense of safety and sanctity, where endless possibilities can unfold freely. For Gezahegne, his studio is a place of emergence, connectivity, birth, and rebirth. Each object in the studio seems alive, with multiple lines extending from them, changing position, growing, and evolving.

Gezahegne's broad perspective on the world enables him to embrace complexity fully, serving as the foundation for his artworks. Over time, he naturally forms a deep connection with objects before transforming and redefining their value. Whether he's exploring Addis Abeba's complex relationship or traveling to different countries, Gezahegne's works highlight the intersection between enduring indigenous practices and the constantly changing urban landscape.

Gezahegne encourages his audience to look at his art with purpose, to be mindful, and to embrace a broad inner value system that gives significance to our sensory experiences.



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