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Sadaf Ahmadi, 1985, Iran, based in Sweden

Photo: Sofie Isaksson

Spectral, veiled figures meet us at the square next to Örebro Castle. Grey concrete covers their faces. Grey concrete also forms the veils that hang down. The figures are close and yet not contactable, heavy and simultaneously fragile. They are empty shells, without bodies and life. If you walk in among them, it is you who becomes a minority.

Girls are only children when the Iranian society forces them to cover their heads and bodies. The artwork conveys a sense of the ostracism and isolation that Sadaf Ahmadi herself experienced before she began to break away when she was a teenager. Even the choice to work in concrete is important. The artist points out that it is the same material that the regime uses to cover mass graves filled with dissidents.

Artwork: Concrete Setting

Artist: Sadaf Ahmadi

Number on the map: 16

Material: Concrete, cotton fabric, mannequin heads, glue, scaffolding

Location: Örebro Castle, Kansligatan 3

The artwork's position on the map

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