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1969, Brazil, lives in Canada

Brazilian-Canadian artist Giorgia Volpe, whose multidisciplinary practice often fosters relationships and dialogue —whether through interventions, public performances, or art objects. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts from the University of São Paulo as well as a master’s degree from Laval University in Québec City. She has participated in numerous exhibitions, public interventions and artist residencies in Canada, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Colombia, China, Thailand, France, Portugal, among others

Giorgia Volpe’s practice is expressed in polymorphic experiments that range from drawing to installations, from photography to video, from gesture to interventions and actions of a social or intimate nature. She is interested in the realities and borders of the body and in its relationship with the environment and places of passage (from the inside to the outside, from the individual to the collective, from the private to the public, from the real to the imaginary, from nature to culture). Giorgia has participated in numerous exhibitions, public talks, and artist residencies. Her works have been exhibited in the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sao Paulo, the Bangkok Art & Culture Centre, the Résonance section of the Biennale de Lyon, Contextile 2018 (Portugal), World Textile Art 2019 in Madrid, Xiang Xishi Contemporary Art Center in Xi’an, China, and Passages Insolites in Philadelphia, among others.



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